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duncan street dinner

I recently had the honor of attending a Pittsburgh food scene famous dinner experience, a Duncan Street-hosted dinner party.  My foodie friend, Matt of Morning After Pittsburgh, organized a group of local foodies to gather and enjoy and 5 course dinner and drink pairings.

Duncan Street is a dinner party series hosted by chefs Dan and Kendyl from their home. The home has changed over the past 5 years, but its still a unique, welcoming, relaxed dinner party to get to know new people.

The night was full of great company. In attendance was foodies:


Alex Eats too Much

Food is My Saviorr








Chef Tim Dominick 

We enjoyed these delicious homemade courses:

duncan street dinner

1. Cornbread panzanella, surimi, strawberry, avocado, cucumber, charred greens, herb vinaigrette

This was such a delicious way to the palette started for a big meal. The cornbread was moist and flavorful topped with a mixture of fresh fruit & vegetables, plus crab – just like a sushi roll! Such a fun dish.



2. Black tea-boiled egg, tempura salmon, green apple, beurre blanc, tarragon

This dish was seriously delicious. Salmon is something I enjoy on a weekly basis, but this turned one of my tried and true favorite dishes to a new experience! The salmon was light and flavorful, not at all greasy from the tempura preparation. As much as I loved the salmon, the tea eggs are something I have thought of everyday since our dinner. Those eggs were so unique and flavorful (similar to the eggs served in legit ramen). I’ve watched about 5 Youtube videos trying to learn how to recreate them since. Tea eggs are more complicated than I expected, but I definitely want to my hand at it soon.


3.  Wild rice, corn pudding, caraway-crusted pork belly, fresh oregano

I already knew that I strongly dislike caraway seeds (the strong ingredient in rye bread) going into this course, but I did not dislike this entire dish. The corn pudding was creamy and savory. I really enjoyed it, even if I had to dig around the caraway-crusted pork.

4. Chicken thigh, salt potato and grilled romaine kebabs, chimichurri, grilled red pepper bread – grilled summer squash with goat cheese and pine nuts – snow pea salad with radish, basil, mint, peanut, red onion, charred lemon vinaigrette

This was a family style course, that starred with 3 unique dishes. There was a salad featuring really fresh and crisp snow peas prepared in thai-peanut dish like style. The summer squash dish was the best preparation of this vegetable I’ve ever had. Seriously, every time I’ve had squash its been watery and overcooked. This dish was completely different and flavorful with delicious goats cheese and pine nuts. The chicken kebabs had the most delicious, tender chicken that melted in the mouth. I also liked the addition of the slightly charred lettuce. I had seconds of the chicken, couldn’t help myself.



5. Kefir lime ice cream, dehydrated watermelon, candied salt pistachio

When I first read the description of the dessert I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. I’m the decadent chocolate, caramel, banana, or raspberry kind of dessert girl. But this dessert was pleasantly surprising. The lime ice cream was really light and creamy, not at all like the sharp, sickly-sweet key lime pie I was expecting. The combination of that with the watermelon turned into a fruit rollup consistency, and the candied pistachios – turned into something similar to our favorite sugary childhood cereal, fruity pebbles. A nice way to end a lovely dinner!


This was one of the most fun and creative dinner concepts I have been lucky enough to experience! I really am so thankful I had the opportunity to enjoy amazing food with such amazing people.

Keep an eye out for this chef duo’s new restaurant location, a sandwich shop, coming on September 4 to Millvale!

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