Moscato Is My Mantra is Now Seeking Nourishment

Moscato is my Mantra is now Seeking Nourishment

“Moscato Is My Mantra” was created in August 2016, back when blogs were called things like “Glitter & Prosecco” or “Bubbly & Baubles”. I was 25, I was on a road trip vacation & just created it on a whim. I worked in corporate marketing and craved a creative outlet to share my travels, crafts, DIY projects & food. I had just started drinking wine and I liked moscato. The word moscato felt like me, sweet & fruity.

For over a year I’ve wanted to update my blog / Instagram name so that it is more representative of my purpose for sharing & posting. I simply share what feels good to me. What brings me joy. What nourishes my body, soul, mind.

The word nourishment appeals to me. Nourishment means: the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. To promote the growth of.

It has meaning beyond consuming food for nutrients. It is representative of whatever you need to feel good. Whether that be an adventure, good book, spa night, glass of wine, HomeGoods trip, binging a show – anything and everything that’s fulfilling to you.

My account is now called Seeking Nourishment. It’s where I will continue to share what feels good to me. The things I share won’t be changing, the name is now just a better fit.

Thank you for tuning in and cheers to seeking nourishment.

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