Pusadee’s Garden Upscale Thai Restaurant in Pittsburgh

Pusadee's Garden

Pusadee’s Garden’s long anticipated revamp is finally open. The food is not the only intriguing part of the story. The restaurant has mastered the 360 experience. The space reminds me of a Nancy Myers film – the space is a beautiful character, a part of the show.

The design is outstandingly aesthetically pleasing. The space transports visitors to a city much more worldly than our own steel town. It honestly feels like a restaurant in NYC or London, or at a upscale resort. I was so intrigued with the design, I had to investigate the designers & stalk their company Instagram page.

A few elements that really stood out to me where the:

  • stained concrete floors in the entrance

  • wide plank wood flooring

  • green and gold floral wallpaper

  • black herringbone tile wall

  • white marble bar & open kitchen countertops

  • black patio tile with built in lighting

  • large scale flower & fruit displays

  • leather and velvet seating

If the space isn’t enough to impress, the food is just as memorable. Dishes I would recommend include the charcoal grilled chicken thigh, lamb shank massaman curry, lemongrass pork meatball, crispy shrimp in garlic, shallot, tamarind sauce, and the coconut ice cream & sticky rice.

The charcoal grilled chicken is so tender, juicy and full of flavor. The lamband massam curry feel like the perfect pairing. the gamey meat adds a velvety richness to the massam curry. The garlic shrimp dish is crispy light shrimp without being greasy.  The coconut ice cream is just the right flavor and very smooth and creamy.

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