Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

Decorate your Easter Eggs in a unique way this year – splatter them with paint! I love this alternative to dying Easter eggs. Try this no skills required way to decorate your eggs with fun spring colors.

I’ve always been bothered by the smell of traditional Easter egg dying kit. Thus I was inspired to add some color to eggs by taking advantage of the paint I had on hand, leftover from other projects.

I used leftover wall paint sample jars, but I’m sure craft paint would work just as well. Just simply water down the paint a bit for the perfect splatter consistency. If the paint is too thick you’ll have a hard time getting it to fling off the brush. I know because my arm was sore the next day, after trying without watering down the paint 😉 haha!

paint splattered easter eggs paint splattered easter eggs

The best thing about this project idea is that you really can’t mess it up! This freeing, stress-reducing approach is great for kids too. What’s more fun that flinging things around and creating a mess? Just make sure you cover your work space, or work outside, because paint will be flying everywhere.

The white of the eggs provides a great contrast for fun pastel colors.

paint splattered easter eggs

Each egg will be unique! All with their own splatter look.



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