Easy & Clean At Home Meals with Kevin’s Natural Foods

How to Prep Easy Clean Meals at Home 

We are all human. Which means that we have the intentions of putting good nutritious foods into our bodies, but sometimes life makes it a little difficult to do so. Kevin’s Natural Foods is my go-to source for clean meal shortcuts and low-mess recipes. For those times where you just need a simple meal, but don’t have time or energy to prepare it from scratch.

Kevin’s Natural Foods offers nutritious, paleo and gluten free cooking sauces, spice blends and pre-made meals. Varieties include flavor-packed: Thai-Style Coconut, Chipotle Lime, Tikka Masala,  Korean BBQ, Teriyaki and Cilantro Lime.


Kevin’s meal kits are better than other premade meal kits, which can be high in sodium and un-clean ingredients. The dinner kits are made with things you would normally cook with in your kitchen already. Not unknown, unpronounceable ingredients. If you’re into macros the meal kits are apparently good through that perspective as well.

Preparing the meal kits couldn’t be any more simple. All it takes to make the meal is to  drain the chicken from the sous-vide broth, sauté the chicken for 2 minutes, and then add the sauce to simmer for 1 minute.

Don’t worry about this being some weird about precooked chicken. The chicken is from a high quality source and is previously cooked via the sous vide method. This means that the chicken comes juicy and packaged in a non-smelly or slimy way. I promise you its the least bouncy or slimy pre-packed chicken.


Ideas for how to transform these meal kits into full, balanced meals are endless. Think about using the proteins and sauces to make lettuce wraps, a stir-fry, salads, chicken salads, pastas, fried rice, Buddha bowls, rice bowls, etc. I would suggest sticking the sauces and meal kits in your fridge or freezer so you have on hand when you’re in need of a quick meal.

Beyond the quality and taste – what will keep me going back for more Kevin’s is the price. The meal kits cost about $15 a kit. The kits serve 2-3 people. Adding a simple frozen vegetable, quinoa, or potato side equals a really affordable meal. I am not aware of quality fast casual or takeout options that are at this price per meal.  For an additional discount use my referral code NOURISHING to save 15% when buying via their website. I fully recommend Kevin’s Natural Foods products. Try them out! I would really appreciate you using my code ?

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