Open Shelving DIY Project

I have been dreaming about building an open shelving area to display my treasures for months now. I even started the project months ago (see previous post), but then a lot happened. I even moved! Now that I am settled in a new space I have my dream shelves with charming, curly brackets. May seem silly to some, but having these shelves and knowing I made them myself – makes me so happy! Now I have a place to hang my home decor  (basically my prized possessions)! Some pieces I made myself, others were found through flea markets & vintage shopping trips.

I picked out a beautiful pine wood board at The Home Depot. I chose to stain it a warm brown color. My local PPG Paints store custom mixed the stain color in a Zar interior stain to match the hue of the laminate flooring in a previous project.

zar stain zar stain

I had found the studs and laid out the hanging positions previously, but waited until my Dad could lend a hand to help me hang the long shelves. He had the great idea of staggering the shelves 🙂






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  1. Thank you so much Lee for reading & replying to my blog post! I appreciate your encouragement 🙂

  2. Yes I love having a space to display my sparkly treasures! Thank you so much for reading & replying to my blog post! I appreciate it 🙂

  3. I have always wanted to have open shelves just look so cute and they really are a great way to get extra storage. The shelves you made really look simple, while at the sometime they make your walls look amazing.

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