Longwood Gardens Christmas Splendor


Two years ago, the most hap-happiest season of all brought me to the magical Christmas displays at Longwood Gardens in Kennett PA. Here the sounds of the holiday season are accompanied by festively lit indoor and outdoor gardens. Oohs and aahs echo through the air as illuminated displays twinkle, and colorful fountains dance to the beat. Every inch of the sprawling grounds are filled with holiday horticulture (6000 seasonal), lights of all colors, festive decor, and plenty of sparkle.

I seriously wish I had some decent pictures to share, but I only had my 2014 iPhone with me 🙁

It was the most wonderful time of the year, and my heart was definitely glowing during this holiday adventure. The whole experience was truly swoon-worthy, cheery, bright & festive, but elegant and romantic, not at all cheesy.  I really want to get in the car and go visit this wonderland again, right now! If you want to see more of the holiday splendor in actual professional quality photos, I encourage you to browse the Longwood Garden’s website. It is amazing.




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